• Our curriculum is child-oriented and is designed in accordance with the “Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide 2017” compiled by the Education Bureau. We integrate six learning areas, including: Chinese, Children’s Mathematics, Self and Society, Nature and Living, Physical Fitness and Health, Art and Creativity, and Religious Studies, and provide children real-life learning experience according to their needs and interests in their physical and mental development, gradually broaden children’s learning areas such as knowledge, attitudes and skills.
  • We incorporate “theme-based activities” into the content of different learning areas, and let children connect learning to life. We also let children take the lead through “project learning”, which aims to deepen children’s understanding of the themes through observation, discussion, exploration, experiment, recording etc., cultivate children’s desire for knowledge, master the skills of knowledge seeking, and stimulate their interest in learning.

Free Play

  • Play is children’s inborn nature and a necessary element during their development. Apart from fostering children’s gross and fine motor skills, we believe that free play could also help children build their confidence, foster and stimulate their creativity, and promote their social and language development.

Physical Fitness Curriculum

  • Taking exercise is closely related to health. In order  to develop a habit of doing regular exercise for children , we hire a professional fitness instructor to conduct the classes every week. The fitness instructor  arranges various physical games for children which can improve their health ,master the skills of knowledge seeking, and stimulate their adventurous spirit.

Curriculum for non-Chinese Speaking Students

  • We provide Chinese language learning group to support the learning of non-Chinese Speaking students. We also organise multicultural activities so that the Chinese and non-Chinese Speaking children and parents could communicate with each other and lead to social integration.

Picture Book Teaching

  • We conduct small class teaching, and with real-life and exploratory activities, we adopt picture books with high quality child literature for theme-based teaching to increase children’s knowledge in different learning areas, so that children could start develop good reading habit at a young age and lay a good foundation in learning.

Montessori Curriculum

  • Children’s initiative on learning different life skills, their positive characters, concentration, intelligence, and the learning of conserving nature could be fostered through manipulating Montessori teaching materials.

Learning Other Languages

  • We hire native English teacher and professional Mandarin teacher to conduct English and Mandarin classes. Children’s interest in learning language could be stimulated through interesting story and activities and children could build good foundation of language learning at a young age.