Parents’ Testimonials

K1 Cherish ‘s Family:

Every parent wants to give the best for their children, especially in their education. Looking at the children’s improvement in their learning is the greatest joy for parents. That is what we saw when we enrolled our children in S.K.H. St. Christopher’s Nursery (Wan Chai). We are so proud to see how they learn and develop their skills. They are non-Chinese speakers. However, because of the patience and good quality of the school, they can speak Cantonese now. What we love the most from this school is that it always improves their quality. They always try to change and adjust with the condition to become a better one. Another special thing is the friendly atmosphere among each member. It seems that we are a family at this school. Besides, the school provides a program for non-Chinese parents. We were invited to know each other and see how the school helped the kids learn Chinese. This multicultural school gives another advantage for the kids to learn from different cultures and family backgrounds. We are so thankful and proud to send our kids to S.K.H. St. Christopher’s Nursery (Wan Chai) because it is a good school for students to learn, develop, and explore their life skills and to get good education. Thank you for giving the best to our kids. Thank you to all teachers for teaching the students with all of your hearts. It really makes a difference to the children’s life.



K2 Kasper’s Family:

Kasper has settled in very well and loves the Nursery. This is all because of the wonderful staff and care that is given to the children. All staff have been very kind and have helped him through from pre-nursery to K1. There is good communication between home and nursery, both written and verbal feedback being very useful. The daily sheets are great. It is always nice to see what he has been doing during the day. Moreover, we are very impressed by the parents’ story telling workshop. It was great and informative during the story time and seeing the children in the learning environment. The teachers’ passion and love for the children shore through. It was wonderful to see how interactive the lessons are. The children really enjoy learning and getting involved because of the “fun” element of the lessons. Teachers and parents are also able to work together as a team. Thank you for the amazing job and incredible support that all of you have provided. The dedication to student’s learning and wellbeing that has been provided during the tough time like COVID-19 has been heartwarming. Kasper is now at K2, and he loves going to school every day.